[28 April 2018] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Bugfix version.

- fixed image distortion on Nvidia GPUs
- rebuilt using latest Visual Studio

[26 April 2018] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Misc updates.

- fully emulated scaler/filter, should fix most if not all games which was cut in size if in TV-modes
- filtered NaN UV texture coordinates (Soul Reaver lifebar)
- filtered negative vertex coords (MK Gold with ATI fix)
- allowed upto 128 layers
- emulated primary/secondary render target buffers for Opaque/PunchTrought lists (Agartha proto flashlight)
- fixed MvSC2 SCORE blinking
- handle edge case ELAN IRQs
- auto hide mouse cursor when in full screen (5sec timeout)
- prettify "start in full screen" option
- renamed SPG/GPU display to FPS/RPS
- corrected purupuru device reply (Resident Evil 2)
- fixed xinput crash if attempt to configure inputs during emulation
- fixed few games with inverted "pedal" inputs
- fixed AEG/FEG which might stuck in edge cases (some sounds in MvSC2, ReVolt jump sound, etc)
- fixed RF ID generators for Dinoking, Love&Berry, etc
- small correction JVS I/O Sense line
- patch for Orion Puzzle Collection (workaround for Kalisti SDK bug)
- documented actual game developers in game list

[11 november 2017] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Misc updates.

- ARM: DP immediate Carry little fix
- CAVE YMZ770: implemented main volume and clip control
- CAVE: Akai Katana added
- DX11: fixed Cave bilinear filter
- DX11OLD: fixed shader filter settings load
- GAELCO: improved ball mechanic simulation
- MISC: basic analogs simulation when playing from keyboard (arcade only)
- MISC: fixed Dreamcast game name handle
- NAOMI: Mushiking IV/V/VI added. A new card codes included (to change 4-5-6 game version go to game test mode BACKUP CLEAR and hold both players buttons 1 for 3 seconds).

[12 october 2017] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Critical compiler error fix version.

- MISC: The About box no longer crashes lol

[11 october 2017] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Bugfix version.

- MISC: -listxml now generate "merge" tags
- MISC: minor romset corrections
- AICA: fix DSP recompiler state load crash

[10 october 2017] DEmul 0.7 WIP

Release notes:

Up-to-date build of almost year of developing. Enjoy

- SH4: OnChip access correct bit width only
- SH4: add flti0/1 PR flag check
- SH4: reg binding cleanups and fixes, PR sanity checks
- SH4: fix DIV0S, optimize DIV1 and add linking current block
- SH4: fix Invalidation code
- SH4: fix delayed slot exceptions
- SH4: interrupts fixes / improvements
- GD-ROM: fix CD PLAY after SEEK for Taxi2
- GD-ROM: small fix for bleemcast (almost work)
- GD-ROM: G1 DMA discrete step
- AICA: use less attenuated ALFO
- AICA: mixing levels fixes
- AICA: EG timer fixes
- AICA: properly handle Decay level = 0 case
- AICA: optimize IRQs
- HOLLY: rewrite SPG
- HOLLY: fix Holly registers for wince
- HOLLY: add real HOLLY IDs for all supported platforms
- GAELCO: speedup boot
- GAELCO: decode boot from Altera firmware
- GAELCO: render fixes: offset color flag, handle flats
- GAELCO: add Gaelco Footall
- GAELCO: preliminary support Gaelco Footall analog inputs
- MISC: SCIF link for AW Maximum Speed and Chase1929
- MISC: fix Marvel vs Capcom 2 intro Guile character head
- MISC: disable menu in fullscreen (fix clicking it with mouse in light gun games)
- MISC: netplay: add option to disable flash/sram sync
- MISC: set windows timer resolution to min possible value
- MISC: rom loading refactoring, NAOMI GD-ROM sets now require security PIC dumps, old GD-rip binaries not supported anymore
- MISC: fix save states crash
- MISC: improved creation of Dreamcast flash and "timehack"
- MISC: fix mouse X/Y calc then screen rotated
- MISC: fix error when set memcard time in DC bios
- MISC: fix DC flash erase, handle correct sector sizes
- MISC: Elo touchscreen fixes for Atomiswave and NAOMI StarHorse
- MISC: emulated HW210 IC card reader (Dragon Treasure, WCCF)
- MISC: SHIO hopper board HLE, Kick'4'Cash playable
- MISC: Added all recently dumped games for supported platforms
- MISC: Romset in sync with current MAME

and many other changes and fixes, not worth or forgot to mention.

DEmul 0.7 Alpha Recent Versions

Release notes:

By many requests we decide to make public build of emulator to show and share current stage of its development. It's an alpha/preview quality product so take it AS IS. It includes new features and new systems mentioned in this topic, many bugs fixed, as well as several unfinished parts, like new DX11NG render. Enjoy.

Current changelog:

18.08.2016 cumulative UPDATE
- fixed hang in KalistiOS based games with DC keyboard controller
- fixed hang in some WinCE games if VMU present
- better Dev.Box emulation
- patches for Cycraft InitialD and ClubKart (boots, but not yet playable)
- better aspect correction and filtering for Cave CV1000
- InitialD, ClubKart and Derby Owners magnetic card readers emulated (press PUSH6 key then game ask insert/take card)
- fixed Marvel vs Capcom 2 character pictures during intro
- ClubKart2003 input fixes
- WWF Royal Rumble 4 players inputs
- NAOMI DIMM Board emulated
- added recently dumped NAOMI and Atomiswave sets
- romset in sync with MAME
- bunch of minor things not worth mention
- fix current LBA after Mil-CD security check
- ADPCM decoder tweaks (thanks kode54 for info)

22.12.2015 UPDATE
- ATI texture perspective correction fix is an option now (cause glitches on NVidia GPUs)
- ancient CDI v2 parsing was killed by accident
- GD-ROM status/irq corrections (Gauntlet Legends)

20.12.2015 UPDATE
- due to googlecode shut down, we moved to issue tracker
- fixed finally disk swap functionality (D2, Skies of Arcadia, etc)

18.12.2015 UPDATE
- SH4 MMU optimizations, many WinCE games works at fullspeen on ~recent PCs
- Tile Accelerator rewrite&optimize
- Xinput devices without vibration supported
- automatic DC video mode selection
- simple deinterlace for TV-modes
- fix rotate and aspect ratio
- optional Bilinear filter
- libchd doesn't require SSSE3 anymore
- crash fix at exit after fullscreen switching (I hope)
- gdrImage subcodes emulation fixes and improvements
- gdrImage fix cue/bin booting support
- SH4 exceptions handlindg fixes
- Supid Invaders boots now
- fixes for recent indie games
- sync romset with current MAME
- other minor things was fixed or rewritten, I forget about

23.09.2015 UPDATE
- added "NAOMI 2 Vertex Cache" option, disabled by default, enable it if you have ATI/AMD GPU only.
- fixed AMD-specific texture glitches in many games (Shenmue II, ECCO, HotD2, etc)
- several optimizations

20.09.2015 UPDATE
- NAOMI 2 emulation rewritten almost from scratch, must be really close if not the same as real hardware, a lot of optimizations, can use separate thread (DX11NG)
- shadow render fix (Cosmic Smash)
- romset sync with current MAME

31.07.2015 UPDATE
- Naomi2 shadows improvements (DX11NG)
- Naomi2 screen scale (DX11NG)
- DirectInput thread close fix AKA "VMU window not closes"
- VMU's windows auto open/close
- exit by ALT+F4
- romset corrections to make some rom managers happy
- more precise SH4 FSRRA opcode
- several minor corrections

19.07.2015 UPDATE
- Crackin' DJ 1&2 playable
- Ferrari F355 Deluxe have sound/music
- fix Naomi 2 materials, lights refactor (DX11NG)
- foolproof VMU files creation
- remember last path in gdrCHD, gdrImage, etc
- better Xinput deadzone handling
- fix GDI audio in gdrCHD (this plugin is recommended now for usage with GDI images too)
- workarounds for newest ATI bugs in 15.7 drivers (DX11)
- SH4 MMU fixes & improvements, Shenmue's Afterburner II minigame playable
- several minor tweaks

11.07.2015 UPDATE
- better G2 DMA edge cases handling
- brake in Atomiswave racing games works again
- fix crash in ROM-based SystemSP games
- weird AICA LSA/LEA handling tweaks

09.07.2015 UPDATE
- fixed broken a long time ago SH3 serial port, Cave Medal Mahjong playable again
- minor romset correction

08.07.2015 UPDATE
- somewhat fixed save/load state for DX11NG
- adjusted sound volume, was too loud, notable in Atomiswave games

- initial release

[23 october 2013] DEmul 0.582 WIP

Release notes:

Again, bugfix release. Post any regression or improvements reports to our tracker:

- ATOMISWAVE: Crash fix
- CORE: Autoregion if booted without disk fix
- CORE: SSE2 optimizations, critical core corruptions fixed, much more stability
- CORE: Savestates fix
- CORE: Various fixes from the Issue tracker
- DC: Dev.Box bios autoregion
- DX10: NAOMI2 irq fix
- DX11: Aspect ratio for 2nd shader filter's pass fix
- DX11: Framebuffer rendering fix
- DX11: Ignore z-write disable for punch-through polygons (fix Bust-A-Move 4)
- DX11: Rotate 90/270 fullscreen aspect fix
- GDR: gdrDemul is back from grave
- GPU: Aica dsp fix
- GPU: Lightgun mark fix
- GPU: YUV transfer out of RAM fix
- HIKARU: Full screen added
- HIKARU: Minor fixes and speedup
- NAOMI2: Club Kart little controls fix
- NAOMI2: Color/diffuse lerp value
- NAOMI2: Delay irq and TL status
- NAOMI2: Diffuse and specular intensity
- NAOMI2: Fake shadow fix
- NAOMI2: Layouts
- NAOMI2: Znear/zfar fix
- NAOMI2: Spot/point lights fix
- NAOMI2: Opaque modifiers
- NAOMI2: Optimize/refactor
- NAOMI2: VS3 stupid bug fix
- NAOMI2: Shadow intensity fix
- NAOMI: 18 Wheeler DX steering fix
- NAOMI: Soul Surfer floormat/controls
- PAD: Fixed jump to the BIOS when focus lost
- PAD: more precision for analogs/guns
- PAD: xinput stick, xinput crash and compatibility fix, xinput rumble support
- PVR2: fix single modifiers (Soul Calibur)
- PVR2: fix specular
- SH4: Exception generate optimization, dinarec optimizations, minor speedup (major speedup for some games, like Under Defeat)
- SH4: MMU critical bug fix and speedup, all WinCE games are playable now
- SPU: Sound stretching for slow machines
- VMU: Beep fixed, speedup
- VMU: Default setting changed, VMU screen disable option added

[05 august 2013] DEmul 0.581 WIP

Release notes:

Bugfix release. Post more issues to our tracker for further improvements:

- DX11: add read fb to dc vram
- DX11: bilinear and textcoord clamp/flip fixes (Samurai6 shadows, Xtreeme Sports title, etc)
- DX11: clip mode set without GroupEn bit (18Wheleeler map, checkme), modvol clip
- DX11: fix 1x1 mips in 16bit and IDX8 textures (road marks in Sonic2); miplevel clamp; join similar texture decoders
- DX11: fix aspect ratio (need test)
- DX11: fix modifier holes
- DX11: fix scaling with RTT
- DX11: fix z plane generation
- DX11: force background deptmode to 7
- DX11: hw-like trilinear filter, optimise shadow
- DX11: network sort option
- DX11: use clip for RenderDepth (fixes arcade 18Wheelerer), RenderDepth only shadow poly (fix Xtreme sports), UV clamp/flip/wrap inside TextureSample() (fixes textures gaps), always use color clamp (Rumble Fish attract), all fog processing after shading calc
- DX11: use mipmap adjust, add supersample (not working)
- HIKARU: NASCAR boot in public build
- HIKARU: sram mapping error fix, now pharrier can bookkeep (issue #54)
- LISTXML generation fixes
- NAOMI: Crazy Taxi debug ctrls
- NAOMI: a bit better Alien Front controls
- SPU: fix cdda status set to gdrom
- SPU: fix loop sound sonic adventure (refix from rev 1809)
- SPU: return old adpcm decoder
- full rewrite aica DSP

[07 july 2013] DEmul 0.58 WIP

Release notes:

Please, post any bugs or suggestions here.

- GAELCO: new system added with two games supported: Smashing Drive and ATV Track
- HIKARU: new system support added, a lot more of work needed
- AWAVE: Sega Bass Fishing Challenge romset added
- AWAVE: use MAME's NGBC rom, enable BBA
- CORE: FPU opcodes timing fix ("Dead Or Alive 2" slowdown fix)
- CORE: MMU sh4 fix
- CORE: addc, subc opcodes for SH2/SH3/SH4 fix
- CORE: dreamcast various fixes
- CORE: fcmpeq NAND case fix
- CORE: ftrc NaNd round fix
- CORE: ftrc int/rec opcode fix
- CORE: heap corruption fix
- CORE: internal DMAC support
- CORE: invalidate code SH4 fix
- CORE: trapa SH2 fix
- DC: a lot of game-specific fixes, now more games are playable or glitch-free
- DX11: bump mapping added
- DX11: order independent transparency added
- DX11: render to texture full rewrite
- DX11: scaling added
- DX11: shadow volume full refactor
- DX11: translucent modifier inplemented
- DX11: two volume modifier implemented
- GDROM: gdrom threading disabled
- GPU: DX10/DX11 support for Hardware and Software renders (can be played virtually on any GPU card, but obviously very slow)
- GPU: much correct volumes support
- GPU: workaround for ATI bugs
- NAOMI2: new model cache system
- NAOMI2: reflect fix
- NAOMI2: render to texture fix
- NAOMI2: various improvements
- NAOMI: Crackin DJ controls fix
- NAOMI: Gun Spike auto-coin fix
- NAOMI: Ninja Assault Export (NJA4verA) added
- NAOMI: Ninja Assault light gun fix
- NAOMI: add 2 new USA bioses
- NAOMI: new romsets added: initdv3j with key, Star Horse, Shakatto Tambourine 2001 Spring, Ninja Assault new rev, crackndj2, gunsur2 alt rev, marstv, Radirgy new rev, etc...
- NET: BBA network support (TAP driver / OpenVPN needed, modem isn't supported yet)
- NET: sync flash/eeprom/etc
- PAD: dead zones, dc triggers fix
- PAD: full xinput support
- VMS: fixed parsing crash on some VMS files
- VMS: various fixes

[28 february 2012] DEmul 0.57 WIP

Release notes:

There is not so much visible changes for more than year of work, but much more internal changes, overall compatibility and graphics quality.

First of all, the new SH4 core now have full MMU support for interpreter/dynarec modes, which is slightly improved compatibility and allow to run most of the WinCE games fast enough to play.

Second significant change is that GPU subsystem now migrated to the DX11 interface (currently DX10-capable GPU is enough). From this version old DX9 GPU plugins (DXv3 and DXLegacy) are obsolete, although they are still supported and included in current package. Further development of the DX9 plugins is stopped for now.

And finally overall interface and usability changes. Emulator is now support 7zip romsets for the bioses and arcade systems, most of the protection/encryption formats for the arcade systems, many many new romsets added during last year and many previously unsupported games or game controllers now are supported.

The rest is the sound subsystem have some bug fixes, improving known problems. And yes, totally forgot about... ;) Now we have our proprietary netplay plugin, too new to work fine, and totally untested, so you are welcome to try.

No, model 3 emulation still in the same state (except some overall graphics and compatibility improvements, made previously) all work currently suspended in favor to much more active supermodel emulator. Keep up good work, Bart! ;)

Not much work was done on the Naomi 2 subsystem too, there is no significant changes, just a little bit of fixes. DX11 support for Naomi 2 still imperfect and have some known issues, don't bother with that.

- AICA: fixed sound
- CORE: added 7zip support for roms
- CORE: added mmu support for dynarec
- CORE: fixed maple timers
- CORE: fixed memcards in WinCE
- CORE: fixed save states
- CORE: new sh4/ppc cores, improvements, bugfixes
- CORE: removed redundant gpu/spu multi threading
- GDR: added support for filenames with spaces to GDI
- GDR: fixed gdrImage plugin
- GDR: fixed thread mode
- GDR: removed redundant gdrDemul plugin
- GPU: fixed DX3 z-buffer bug
- GPU: new DX11 plugin featured order-independency transparency
- GPU: new DX11 object list multi-layered render simulation
- GPU: new DX11 translucent modifiers, aspect ratio support with hotkeys
- GPU: new DX11 two-pass postfilters, texture conversion on the GPU
- GUI: new VMS manager merged with maple devices, menu rearranging
- MODEL3: added little improvements, still no sound, not a priority since supermodel is here ;)
- NAOMI: added M1/M2/M3/M4 decompression implementation, now all protections are emulated (thanks to Adnreas Naive, Deunan Knute, MAME and DU teams)
- NAOMI: added jvs standart touchscreen emulation (Touch De Uno! 2)
- NET: new proprietary network plugin added
- VMS: added default vms file to all ports

[01 september 2010] DEmul 0.56 WIP

- AWAVE: many fix for controls, rail-shooters playable
- AWAVE: xtrmhunt romset typo
- CHD: reading problems fix
- CHD: updated to 138u4 version
- CORE: ROMs overreading protection
- CORE: SB_SFRES "softreset" emulation (imperfectfor dynarec)
- CORE: arcade roms loading by CRC only, now can load renamed/old/custom romsets with the same files
- CORE: command line support, run selected game/system, list supported games, generate xml dat file (clrmame) for supported romsets with parent/clones info
- CORE: dynarec instruction fix
- CORE: emulation reset fix
- CORE: enable SSE compilator optimization
- CORE: full unicode support
- CORE: interpreter memory translation optimization, MMU speedup
- CORE: invalidation optimized, "Triggerheart Exelica", etc. speedup
- CORE: logging and default output path fixed
- CORE: macw, macl opcodes fix
- CORE: round mode fix
- CORE: savestates fix
- CORE: savestates for VMU
- CORE: timers bugfixes
- CORE: various crashes fix
- CORE: various maple fixes
- CORE: various romset fixes
- CORE: internal time with windows time auto synchronization
- GDI: offset support (may be glitchy)
- GDI: sector cache (test only)
- GDI: various bugfixes
- GPU: "Transform Z" options added (w-buffer to z-buffer transform enable), enabled by default (need restart for ogl if changed)
- GPU: VRAM overreading protection
- GPU: correct vertex intensity alpha
- GPU: correct vertex intensity color clamping
- GPU: ogl disable SSE compilator optimisation due to VC10 compiler bug
- GPU: dx correct window size change
- GPU: render and framebuffer fixes (still imperfect)
- GPU: fullscreen frequency fix
- GPU: polygons blending fix
- GPU: sprites fix
- GPU: stride untwiddled texture fix
- GPU: yuv textures in vq mode supported ("Head Hunter" fix)
- GUI: "15Khz/31Khz" modes selection, "31Khz" default option
- GUI: "LLE MIE"/"HLE MIE" selection option, if "LLE MIE" is unavailable (no "NAOBD.BIN"), "HLE MIE" mode enabled automatically
- GUI: "Time Hack" option, automatic Dreamcast flash time record correction for current time
- GUI: GameBrowser "load decrypted" fix
- GUI: GameBrowser forvard/backward sorting for game year, romset name, full name, developer/publisher and game system
- GUI: GameBrowser keyboard input handling fix
- GUI: GameBrowser gridlines workaround for WinXP
- GUI: PAL/NTSC mode selection
- GUI: custom savestate keys definitions
- GUI: full game name/title display on windows title
- GUI: mahjong controller setup
- GUI: more video cable mode selection
- NAOMI: MAME Naomi CHD-files supported (but not listed in dat), need CHD plugin in plugins directory
- NAOMI: BIOS auto selection
- NAOMI: board malfunction for A-C rev. BIOSes fix
- NAOMI: cart encryption for direct and buffered protection modes supported, most encryption keys added
- NAOMI: cart encryption key automatic detection for NO_KEY games (if any), may take a couple of minutes for complete process
- NAOMI: default system configuration added if no nvram files found, auto selection cabinet orientation and player number for games depending on it
- NAOMI: coin fix
- NAOMI: gunsur2 encryption key added, playable with sound
- NAOMI: club cart protection data
- NAOMI: doa2 crash fix
- NAOMI: ggx crash fix
- NAOMI: hmgeo SHA1 fix
- NAOMI: wldrider crash fix
- NAOMI: initdv2j DES key added, does not boot anyway
- NAOMI: full HLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support
- NAOMI: full LLE MIE (315-6146 Maple-JVS bridge MCU) support, "NAOBD.BIN" file with MCU fake firmware needed
- NAOMI: JVS interface and IO board(s) emulation
- NAOMI: automatic analog controls mapping
- NAOMI: VMS and Dreamcast gamepads handling for arcade games (if supported)
- NAOMI: keyboard support, select "Keyboard" for "port B" and/or "port C" in "Plugins" configuration dialog
- NAOMI: dybbnao, dygolf, alpilot, sstrkfgt, gunsur2, samba, crzytaxi, zombrvn, wldrider controls support
- NAOMI: mahjong panel support
- NAOMI: nvram load/save fix
- NAOMI: proper 15/31Khz DIP switch handling
- NAOMI: romset updated with MAME 139u2 ROMs
- NET: added netplay support for DC, NAOMI1/2, ATOMISWAVE, only NULL plugin provided (see thrid party plugins)
- PAD: various bugs fix
- PAD: first time configuration crash fix
- PAD: support for xbox360 gamepad (without analogs)
- SPU: ARM7 core fixes
- SPU: better synchronization
- SPU: close fix, thread close fix
- SPU: lp reset fix
- VMU: beeper emulated

[09 october 2009] DEmul 0.55 WIP

- new GPU plugin gpuDXv3 (DirectX 9 with shaders). Naomi1/Dreamcast/Atomiswave need PS 2.0 compatible video cards, Naomi2 needs PS 3.0 compatible cards
- new GPU plugin gpuDXLegacy (DirectX 9 without shaders). For Old and Intel videocards
- new SPU plugin spuOAL (uses OpenAL api). Can be used instead of directsound plugin
- new texture cache, new coord calculation system
- many fixes in GPU and SPU
- added many romsets. All romsets (except GDROM) are fully compatible with MAME
- added custom decrypted rom loading routine. Push “Load Decrypted rom” inside romset selection dialog. Atomisware roms may need to increase loading rom size by 2

[16 august 2009] DEmul 0.54 WIP

- fixed multithread and cpu errors
- add new NAOMI/NAOMI2/ATOMISWAVE romsets, improved compatibility
- emulator can start approximately 90% of arcades. More than a half are playable
- add NAOMI2 support
- add analog input for NAOMI/NAOMI2/ATOMISWAVE, including lightgun (push F11 ingame)
- added DC lighgun support
- added DC mice
- GPU plugin is improved (thanks DreamZzz)
- added clipping (cars mirrors, Soul Calibur menu etc)
- improved shadow and fog emulation

[05 april 2009] DEmul 0.53 WIP

- vertical shooters screen rotate
- screen filter shaders similar to Pete OGL2 plugins (find examples at gpu)
- spu sync and buffer options
- added all NAOMI/NAOMI2 dumps (not tested at all)
- autosave SRAM/EEPROM settings
- FLASH file autocreation
- fixed sound in most arcade games
- added multiple ROM path support

[29 march 2009] DEmul 0.52 WIP

- Atomisware support
- optional multithread SPU & GPU support
- implemented render-to-texture technique (fixed REZ, RE:CV, CT, ILLBLEED)
- smooth texture palettes
- fixed AICA DMA
- added new DMA for PVR2 (fixed Sonic Shuffle)
- fixed errors in the GD-ROM DMA, fixed launch WINCE GD-ROM
- optional SPU DSP
- video framelimit
- x64 binaries

[07 october 2008] DEmul 0.48 WIP

New OpenGL plugin (gpuOGLv3). For proper plugin functionality - you should install latest video drivers (especially if you are ATI card owner).

gpuOGLv3 features:
- better polygon sort methods (still not provide perfect results). You can disable this feature for whole list and transparent polygons cause several games still works better without sort
- blend and shade functions
- fragment and vertex shader (offload calculation from CPU to GPU)
- apply fog per textures
- multiple screen resolution (needs restart)
- screeshots (PNG, JPG)
- mipmap textures

Fixes in other plugins:
- buggy polygon cache
- texture cache rewritten
- polygon params passes through TA with Intensity mode 1, 2 (Thrigger Heart Exelica)
- invisible polygons culling
- removed redundant GPU calls

General changes:
- GDR read synchronized with CPU and reduced to 1mb/sec (RE:CV "tiger head" fixed, credits to drkIIRaziel)
- fixed invisible bullets error in second chapter of Ikaruga (another credits to drkIIRaziel)
- added recent NAOMI romsets (all old handmade romsets are gone)
- fixed different dynarec, code invalidation and counters bugs
- fixed most of memory leaks

New GDR plugin gdrCHD. It supports Comressed Hunk of Data format (great thanks to MAME project). ".GDI" images can be converted to CHD with "chdman" tool from MAME project (e.g. "chdman -createcd my.gdi my.chd"). This conversion will add some redundant sectors between image tracks so it`s better to write your own ".TOC" description and feed it to "chdman" utility. Both methods will produce functional images the difference is only in size (quick ".gdi" to ".chd" conversion is a bit larger than handmade ".toc" to ".chd").

Not implemented & bugs (TODO list):
- render to texture (we already know how to implement it. but still fights with FBO on ATI cards. if we loss battle with FBO then we will switch to pBuffer technique)
- render framebuffer
- wrong texture filter in shader (noticable in Ikaruga. we investigate this issue)
- multisampling

[12 august 2008] DEmul 0.46 WIP

And now for something completely different: DEmul WIP. There are so many changes compared to previous release so let`s describe only key points: - alpha naomi support
- better compatibility

To resolve run/tune/"where-is-bios" problems - open FAQ link.

[3 february 2007] Pad plugin update

Better late than never! ;) By numerous requests we have added support of old gamepads, which don't support Event Notification, to the PAD plugin. We hope that all PADs can now be used with our emulator. Of course, not a big change for "long-awaited" new build, but this is better than nothing. ;)
To install, just replace default padDemul with new one.

[29 november 2006] Information for all testers

Besides compatibility status and game screenshots please report information about game's region (PAL, NTSC/JAP, NTSC/USA), size and checksum (e.g. MD5) of file 1ST_READ.BIN from the disc (or checksums of all files from the root directory), and also, if release group name is known, an nfo or full release name for further search. This will help us make up the compatibility list and search for mistakes.

[25 november 2006] Finally released! ;)

Hello from Russia! We are very proud to introduce you new DC emulator DEmul! We have been trying to write new emulator that will be able to run commercial games since first and only real DC emulator Chankast so far is stopped to develop.

Emulator was started to development early in 2004 year by Wind, but just canceled after Chankast released. About half a year it has been in hibernating, but Chanka was still imperfect and emu was continued to developing. About a year it takes before it shows up BIOS spiral, then early in 2006 year Wind found some emu-russia members and run his first most desired commercial game Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Next progress was very fast and last six of seven month took improvements and debugging.

Now emulator is able to run most commercial releases by various groups all along with homebrew demos and free software. We hope you enjoyed it.

Emulator still imperfect and incomplete. A lot of work still needed. Sound, timing and graphics need improvement and speed up. Since main developer is going to be little busy to do something with DEmul next year, we do not promise fast promoting and emulation progress. We try our best to fix as many bugs as we can and improve emulation.

Compatibility list with advanced features will be later all along with plugins SDK, docs and faqs. Anyway, you can ask your questions (not dumb, please;)) by e-mail, report about some bugs or progress, please, read README.TXT file before. If you interest in development, we will glad to see you on IRC channels or forums that will be available later too. ;)

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